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Proper Care Of Your Bcd

Proper care of your BCD First with the warning - We see this all too often in the service department, salt crystals inside the bladder of the BCD. How it gets there is fairly simple, everytime you deflate your bcd a small amount of sea […]

Bring The Brisbane Scuba Community Together

Please join us for the inaugural DIVERS NIGHT!.This is where all divers in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland can come together for a few laughs, catch up with old dive buddies and make new ones.DIVERS NIGHT will be held at the Sangria Bar on the corner […]

What Not To Do With Your Regs After A Dive.

It is not often that I get on my high horse, but today is one of those days. I do believe that some divers forget the importance of their regulators and the job they have to do. These are life support equipment, designed to keep […]