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Proper Care Of Your Bcd

Service MRobertson COMMENTS 25 Jul, 2017

Proper care of your BCD

Salt crystals from inside a BCDFirst with the warning - We see this all too often in the service department, salt crystals inside the bladder of the BCD. How it gets there is fairly simple, everytime you deflate your bcd a small amount of sea water makes it way in as the air bubbles out through which ever air dump you use. That salt water if left, drys and leaves behind the salt crystals. Over time these will scratch and ultimately damage the bladder and in some cases leaves it in an unrepairable state.

The best way to avoid this is to rinse and wash the inside of the bladder. To do this get a hose and while pressing the deflate button on the low pressure inflator(LPI) run the water in to the LPI, for best results use a cleaner like BC Life. What this does is break down the salt and ultimately protect your investment and your diving safety. As a minimum a quick rinse with water can dilute the salt water enough to keep it clean and clear of salt water crystals.

And don't forget to annually service your BCD to ensure its kept in best condition possible, as both the inflator and the dumps need regular maintenance.


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