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Scuba Diving In Brisbane

Scuba diving in Brisbane, Australia is an amazing experience that any diving enthusiast should not miss. Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is located on the east coast of Australia and is home to several stunning dive sites that offer a diverse range of marine […]

We Are Moving

Go Dive is moving, after 22 years on the corner of Albion and Lutwyche Roads Windsor,we are pulling up the anchor and moving to Virginia. This will give us a lot more room to spread out and to expand into new areas. With improved servicing […]

Proper Care Of Your Bcd

Proper care of your BCD First with the warning - We see this all too often in the service department, salt crystals inside the bladder of the BCD. How it gets there is fairly simple, everytime you deflate your bcd a small amount of sea […]

Bring The Brisbane Scuba Community Together

Please join us for the inaugural DIVERS NIGHT!.This is where all divers in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland can come together for a few laughs, catch up with old dive buddies and make new ones.DIVERS NIGHT will be held at the Sangria Bar on the corner […]

What Not To Do With Your Regs After A Dive.

It is not often that I get on my high horse, but today is one of those days. I do believe that some divers forget the importance of their regulators and the job they have to do. These are life support equipment, designed to keep […]