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October Social Night 2018

Events diverdi COMMENTS 21 Oct, 2018

Friday, October 19th - Kedron Park Hotel

Another very enjoyable night out with some new faces, along with some regular ones all coming along for a beverage and a chinwag! We even had apologies sent from others who couldn't make it on the night. So good to have a snug dive community coming together like this! The Kedron Pub has upgraded the TV we usually use however, with the new you-beauty version a bit too sophisticated to accept the data inputs we have used in the past. No big screen for this night - thank you to Rob for allowing use of his laptop for a few images!! Very much looking forward to using that new screen however - looks like a great upgrade!!

So what has happened this last month?

One of DiveQuest outboards suffered a nasty hiccup on the way out to dive North Stradbroke Island recently. While we still managed to complete the day and return safely, the day was rather long travelling on one outboard! Despite the long day, and some seasickness, and the obvious worry over a damaged boat, everyone aboard still debarked at the end of the (longer-than-normal) day with smiles and well wishes that DQ would be back on the water soon. The great news we have is that she was back on her 'sea-legs' within a week (even though the weather then turned sour!) with Mercury motors covering the messy gearbox under warranty.

Mark & Go Dive Charters would like to thank everyone aboard that day for their resilience, patience and confidence as we maneuvered through the tricky situation!



It is in the making!

To make it easier the schedule will not be swapping days on the weekend for the year - but keeping to a regular Sunday each week.

The calendar will be complete soon however things to note:


  • Every Sunday  - Dive Departure
  • Once a month - Saturday Double Dive - cruisey/easy dive day - great for rusty divers, photographers
  • Once a Month - Flinders Reef - Double Dive
  • Every Second Month - Triple Dive Day - Advanced Divers
  • Every Second Month (opposite to the triple dive day) - Excursion Dive Day - Hendersons/Cherubs etc
  • Curtin Artificial Reef - when possible - tidally dependent


SHARKSKIN available at Go Dive

 Yes, Go Dive is now making Sharkskin available.

As there are SO many different models and SO many sizes, Mark is not trying to stock them all, it would overwhelm the shop!

A few models in the main sizes in-store, with ability to order in anything specific not in house fairly quickly.

Di arrived at the social night rocking the new Sharkskin Surface Jacket, which seemed to make the rounds of the room, came near to vanishing a few times!


NEW OVERSEAS TRIP LAUNCHED - Hideaway Island - Vanuatu

 As there was a big empty gap between Santo this year and Truk in 2019, we have launched a great week away just before Easter next year (not on Easter as ALL prices skyrocket as you know)

A week in Port Vila on Hideaway Island.

Sound good?

You bet it does!!

More details HERE.



SANTO/VANUATU Departure Group

Some very happy and excited divers (along with a few slightly jealous ones too perhaps!) chatting about preparations for their imminent departure to dive Santo, President Coolidge, Million Dollar Point and the local reefs.

New roommates met each other, and all the niggly last minute questions were clarified.

As some of the group are coming from places afar - Sydney, and even as far as Tonga, not everyone was able to attend, but those who did all seemed very upbeat and ready for their next adventure.


REMINDER - South West Rocks - 30 November - 2 December

 Still have places left for your South West Rocks super-shark foray in early December.

We have the private apartment booked, and again have some divers travelling up from Sydney to join us!

More details HERE



SOUTH AFRICA ScubaSafari 2020 Nearly booked out!

 Already heavily booked!!

We have only 2 confirmed places left for this epic adventure.

After those are taken I will try to access more, but cannot guarantee - many connections, accommodations, tours etc all come together for this bucket list event.

Don't miss out - it will be AMAZING!! More details HERE.





Our next social night will be Friday November 23rd – Kedron Park Pub, Lutwyche Road. 6:30pm.

We should have photos and video from the Santo trip. Hope to see you there!!

Event details – November Social Night


Diver Di (SubmersibleHuman)


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