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HYDROSTATIC CYLINDER TESTING Get your tanks checked by Go Dive Service Centre

Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Scuba Cylinder Testing

Australian standards require all scuba cylinders to be tested annually. If your tank is out of test it will not be filled by scuba shops. Sometimes your tank may also require brushing, rumbling, etc. In order to keep your tank in good condition and minimize testing costs you should only fill your tank at a reputable dive shop.

We recommend that Cylinder valves are serviced every two years. If you dive frequently (approx. 100 dives per year), you may want to have to have your cylinder valve serviced every 12 months.

Scuba Cylinder O2 Cleaning

Is your cylinder a Nitrox cylinder? Do you know that if at any point you get it filled using standard air you will have compromised your cylinder’s Nitrox status?

If that is the case or perhaps that you have purchased a cylinder that you need to use as a Nitrox cylinder, drop it into us. We will have the cylinder washed to remove any traces of hydrocarbons, as well as fully servicing, over-hauling, and replacing all the o-rings of the valve with Nitrox compatible o-rings.

To guarantee that you have your cylinder filled with Nitrox compatible (clean air) make sure that you have it filled at Go Dive.

Aluminium Scuba Cylinder Safety Alert

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Costs assosiated with Tank testing

Hydrosatic Test Scuba Tank
$75 inc Air fill and O'rings

Hydrosatic Test Non-Scuba Tank
$105 inc Air fill and O'rings

Tank Valve Service
$35 + Parts

02 Clean Tank Valve
$35 + Parts

Internal Rust removal - Scuba Tank

02 Clean Tanks

Air fills

Air fill Discount Cards
$11.90/fill with a 10 fill card

Nitrox Fill top up(32% Banked)
$15 for fill (tank must be over 150bar)

Nitrox Fill (32% Banked)
$25 for fill

Nitrox Fill empty tank(32% Banked)
$30 for fill

Nitrox Discount Cards (32% Banked)

$22/fill with a 10 fills card