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 The Platinum PADI Open Water Diver course with Go Dive Brisbane and SubmersibleHuman

 If you are looking for a 'quickie' course, this is not the course for you. 

 I only teach personalized courses with 1 or maximum 2 students (special buddy pair request) at a time, ensuring divers have all the time needed to practice and  develop diving skills vital to your safe diving in different locations, aboard different boats and physical methods all offered here in the Great South East.  

 The PADI Open Water course is a full certification course allowing you to scuba dive independently of an instructor or divemaster to a maximum recommended  depth of 18m. As a certified diver you will experience amazing dive destinations and marine life, new friends, new adventures and lots of fun. The open water  course is just the beginning however. As you continue your training and gain experience, your opportunities will expand.

 The PADI Open Water Diver course is a performance-based course and can be broken down to three components: 

Knowledge Development

This is an online learning program provided upon booking – which you complete at your own pace. Your instructor always available for any assistance with the  knowledge portion.

Confined Water Training - 1 Day

Takes place after completion of the Theory component. We head to the confined water training session to familiarize and understand the equipment and how  to use it, along with identifying problems  and responding correctly. 

Open Water Training  -  3 Days

Ocean Day 1 - Will take us to Cook Island to complete the first two dives of the course requirements. During these dives you will demonstrate skills learned in the confined water session. 

Ocean Day 2 - We head to a shore diving site to reinforce the specifics and techniques for local shore diving. There are skills completed on this dive also.

 Ocean Day 3 - We head out to Moreton Bay Marine Park to enjoy your final training dive and an extra recreational dive to reinforce your confidence and celebrate your achievement.

The Scuba Gear You Will Use 

 In the PADI Open Water Diver course, you learn to use basic scuba gear including a dive computer. This equipment is the same style as the majority of rental equipment  in dive centres worldwide.

The Learning Materials You Will Use 

 PADI offers a variety of home-study materials for the Open Water Diver course - this program utilizes thePADI eLearning 'Touch' program which requires web  connection to get started, and then can be proceeded through offline until completed.

 PADI's Open Water Diver materials cover what you need to know about basic scuba diving skills, terminology and safety procedures. For each concept you'll  read a description and watch a video demonstration.

 The Pool and Ocean sectors reinforce this learning with putting those skills into practical use.


As you are an only student, there is plenty of time underwater to enjoy the sights, ask questions and get the feel ‘being a diver’ rather than waiting your turn to perform. 


Course Investment Includes:

 • PADI eLearning Program 'Touch' version - Value $220.00

 • 4 Days One-on-One Personalised Instruction

 • 3 days Ocean Diving. 4 Boat-Based Dives, 1 Shore-Based Dive
 ~ 2 Days Boat Based Diving (4 dives)
 ~ 1 Day Shore Based Diving (1 - 2 dives)

• Scuba Diving Equipment Used During course:
       ~ Wetsuit & Dive Fins
        ~ Buoyancy Control Device & Air Regulator
        ~ Scuba Tanks & Weights
       ~ Electronic Dive Computer

 • Longer Dive Times in the Local Environments 

 • Discounts on Dive Equipment purchases from Go Dive Brisbane


Not Included:

 • Australian Dive Medical 4005.1 (not all students require a Dive Medical - please click here to check if you require this)
 • Mask, Snorkel & Dive Boots suitable for Scuba Diving. 
 • Watermanship Skills 
          ~ 200 Metre Surface Swim
          ~ 10 Minute Survival Float


 Investment in your personalized training program

$1999 - Single Diver - Book Here


 Investment in a personalized training program

$2999 - Buddy Pair - Book Here

As this is a personalized program, we will build a schedule around your timeframe and availability.  Tides will affect the shore day, and Vessel availability will affect the boat days - however we will work together to create a bespoke program especially for you.