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CHERUBS CAVE 3 DIVE DAY Scuba Diving Day Trips

Cherubs Cave is located 4.1 km off the eastern side of Moreton Island, near Henderson Rock. The depth at the site varies from 14m – 30m on the main bommie. The main bommie consists of a single characteristic rock that extends out in a northerlydirection. The area between this main bommie and others located around the site is abundantly covered with kelp. CherubsCave is named after a cave system located under a large circular shaped bommie on the north-west side of the main bommie.The cave has four entrances that are difficult to find as they are covered with kelp. Once in the cave, light penetrates throughthe other entrances, aiding navigation. The maximum height of the cave is 12m. This dive site boasts a large variety ofmarine life which includes an abundance of Grey Nurse Sharks, different varieties of Cod and Grouper, Anemones and ClownFish on top of an abundance of macro life for the avid photographer. This site has something for everyone! A typical day will run as follows: (Remember to call shop afternoon before trip on 0434 519 114. Call between 3.30pm and 4.00pm)

A typical day will run as follows:

  • 0700 Meet at Underwater World, Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba. Crew introductions, complete liability and release forms and show proof of certification and experience logbook.
  • 0705 Setting up of dive gear, and loading of vessel. (Please be aware of the position your equipment onboard as this will make the gearing up process at dive site far more efficient.)
  • 0715 Briefings will be conducted by the skipper and dive supervisor before leaving the marina. This isa legal requirement of the Department of Transport. This will include information including vessellayout, lifejacket storage areas, safety information and dive procedures. Also site layout, directions, maximum depths and dive times, points of interest and safety procedures.
  • 0800 Departure from marina
  • 0930 Arrival at Cherubs Cave, dive brief, gear up and entry into the water for dive 1.

Dive times are restricted to 45 minutes in accordance with EPA guidelines.

  • 1030 Surface interval. Refreshments will be served on boat and can include tea, coffee, soup and sweets.
  • 1130 Entry for dive 2. Dive times will again be restricted to 45 minutes.
  • 1230 Surface interval. Refreshments will be served on boat - Lunch!
  • 1330 Entry for dive 3. Dive times will again be restricted to 45 minutes.
  • 1430 Departure for marina after all divers are back on board, dive and safety logs have been completed and all equipment has been stowed safely and securely.
  • 1600 Arrival at marina. Once back at marina you may remove your belongings from the vessel.Facilities will be made available to wash dive gear if required, as are bathroom and showeringamenities. Before departing you may join your dive crew to fill in and sign your logbooks over early dinner at a local restaurant overlooking the marina.

You will need:

  • Proof of certification & Logbook (Please note - Deep Diver & Enriched Air Nitrox Certification is needed for this dive trip)
  • Scuba equipment (unless hiring)
  • Safety equipment as required by Queensland WHS including dive knife, safety sausage and whistle.

You may also wish to consider the following:

  • Seasickness medication
  • Sunscreen
  • Digital cameras are also available for hire. A free disk is included with your photos.

Contact us for more details

Available for hire are the following

  • BCD (X-Small to X-Large) $22.50
  • Regulators with Computer $27.50
  • BCD, Regulator and Computer $45
  • Wetsuit (Small to X-Large 1.5mm and 5mm) $10
  • Torch $15
  • Camera $45
  • Masks $10
  • Fins and Boots $12