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We Are Moving

News MRobertson COMMENTS 03 Mar, 2022

Go Dive is moving, after 22 years on the corner of Albion and Lutwyche Roads Windsor,we are pulling up the anchor and moving to Virginia. This will give us a lot more room to spread out and to expand into new areas. With improved servicing department that will allow us to increase our through put by almost double, which will mean customers will get their regs and equipment back sooner. We will be increasing the size of our retail space and have a dedicated classroom to allow us to take on more teaching opportunities into the future.

We will be closing for a week to move and set ourselves up, then over the coming months transform our new space into Brisbane's number one PADI teaching facility. Things will start to happen from the 18th March 2022. As we get closer we will update everyone with more details.

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