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September Social Night - 2018

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September 28th 2018 Social Night

Guest Speaker – Photographer Nigel Marsh

Another great night at the Kedron Pub for our recent social night.  It’s always nice to see these happy diver faces catching up with past and future buddies! For those who couldnt make it - a light re-hash of events!



The news everyone has heard about Air Nugini had only hours earlier has an incident landing at the airport at Weno, Truk Lagoon. many conflicting reports are coming out about whether she landed short or over ran the runway, ending up in the sea some 100m from the end of the runway. Anyone who has been there knows that runway is incredibly short but most importantly it appears everybody escaped the plane on the surface before she sank, with the locals all rushing into action with boats out to the fuselage to assist.

Weno Airstrip - Image from GoogleMaps.

Weno Airstrip – Image from GoogleMaps.

More than anything we hope everyone is alright, retrieves their belongings or has them replaced, and that this doesn’t affect Air Niugini’s plans to keep flying the route to Truk-Pohnpei-Port Moresby. When United Airlines ceased Flying Cairns-Guam, Truk Lagoon became more difficult for Aussies to visit due to the complexities of flight options. This route made Truk so much more accessible, more so than when United were in place. I would hate to see Truk Lagoon, its locals and businesses suffer from a loss of visitors that was seen between United ceasing and Air Nugini starting.

Air Niugini Press Release



We have the new travel brochures up and ready to go, with Fish Rock Cave 2018 & 2019, Santo & Truk 2019 & South Africa 2020 all on offer.

More trips will also come online as they are completed preparations. Click on the brochures below for more details!

Fish Rock Cave December Weekend 2018 Truk Lagoon, Micronesia - August 2019

Santo & SSPresident Coolidge October 2019 77th Anniversary of SinkingSouth Africa Scuba Safari - February 2020 




 Submersiblehuman/Diana Doreian is this months Woman of Water - Page 64!

October Edition – SubmersibleHuman is the Woman of Water for this month! Many divers had already seen it – and despite a spelling error on my surname, it was lovely to see it has already been read and commented on by many! Thanks divers!

Read Dive Log Online



Issue 3 July/Aug 2018

Four issues along and this new dive magazine has been pretty solid with what it is bringing each month. There are many copies at GoDive for anyone wanting to pick up a current issue (free). We also have some earlier editions if you missed them.

Scuba Diver Asia Pacific




Nigel entertained us with some AMAZING shark images, and loads if information on Sharks, behaviour, species identification and answering all our curly questions! His beautiful new book Diving with Sharks was drooled over, and a buddy pair of mine cleaned him out of almost all his publications! His newest book, hot off the press too – Close Encounters was on show so we had an early peek!!



Unfortunately the day put aside for Nigel Marsh to share some of his knowledge with budding photographers needs to be changed. No longer October the 6th, We have him booked aboard DiveQuest in the blossoming warmer water on Sunday 18th November. Get in quick to book your spot aboard!

DiveQuest Bookings Page



Our next social night will be Friday October 19th – Kedron Park Pub, Lutwyche Road. 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!!

Event details – October Social Night


Diver Di (SubmersibleHuman)

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