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Scuba Gear Servicing

Go dive service centre

Go Dive Brisbane has 2 full time service technicians to service every brand on the market. At Go Dive Brisbane we service all of your gear to manuafacturing and Australian regulations. This mean changing all orings, seats and seals, using the highest quaity christo lube. Here at Go Dive Brisbane we will also give you a 3 month after service warranty for any work completed on your scuba diving equipment. We also provide a full technitians report with figures and graphs to show performance before and after service

To service your regulator usually takes 7-10 business days but if you are in a hurry and need it last minute we can get it to the front of the line and have it complete in 1 full business day. Please look through the following prices that Go Dive Brisbane charge for labour. All prices shown do not include any parts.

First Stage, 2nd Stage, Occy/Air2, SPG LabourService Department
1st stage $55
2nd stage $50
Occy $50

Service Kits
Prices ranges from $20 - $65 per regulator depending on make and model

Part cost + postage and handling costs

Additional Cleaning due to corrosion/mould/infestation
$15 per item

Priority Service (24hr turn around)*subject to parts availability
$75 on top of service cost

Bouyancy Control Device
$40 + Parts

Battery Change (non oil filled)

Watch Pressure Test
$7.50 + Parts

Hydrosatic Test Scuba Tank
$70 inc Air fill and O'rings

Tank Valve Service
$35 + Parts

02 Clean Tank Valve
$35 + Parts

Sand Blast Scuba Tank

02 Clean Tanks

Air fills

Air fill Discount Cards
$10/fill with a 10 fill card

Nitrox Fill top up(32% Banked)
$15 for fill (tank must be over 150bar)

Nitrox Fill (other than 32% Banked)
$25 for fill

Nitrox Discount Cards (32% Banked)
$16.50/fill with a 10 fills  card

Safety Check Gear Package not purchased at Go Dive Brisbane
$90 for full gear package (No warranties)

Safety Check Individual items not purchased from Go Dive Brisbane
$35 per item if not full package

Hourly Labour Charge
$115 Per Hour (For outside any Fixed Service ie Battery Change, Safety Checks)

Please call Go Dive Brisbane's 2 full time service technician Monday - Thursday on (07) 3857 7255 to discuss any of your equipment servicing concerns.